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Picture of GE ultrasound machine with c-arm
Picture of GE ultrasound machine with c-arm


Ultrasound, also called sonography, uses high-frequency sound waves to obtain detailed images from inside the body. Providers or specialists move a hand-held device, a transducer, over various parts of the body to generate high-resolution images of structures within the internal body. Ultrasound images provide information to detect conditions or diseases inside the body.

Ultrasound imaging is used for many reasons

Ultrasound imaging is very versatile and used in many parts of the body including soft tissues, certain internal organs, blood vessels, and of course everyone's favorite, babies. Ultrasound is used as widely as CT and MRI and can diagnose anything from blood clots, to gallstones, masses/tumors and much more. Ultrasound can also see the body in action and can show movement of body parts as well as blood flow.

Ultrasound services available at:

Curry Medical Center
500 5th St.
Brookings, OR

Curry General Hospital
94220 4th St.
Gold Beach, OR

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