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COVID-19 Testing: Specimen Collection at Curry General Hospital

GOLD BEACH, OR (March 13, 2020) - We know that many in our communities with symptoms of COVID-19 would like to be tested. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Oregon Health Authority (OHA) have recently began allowing local health care providers to test for COVID-19 after flu and other causes for respiratory symptoms have been eliminated and ruled out.

To that end, and in order to meet the needs of our communities, Curry Health Network has opened a "Rapid Rule Out Station" at Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach.

Patients with respiratory symptoms or fever who wish to be tested may present to 94220 4th Street in Gold Beach and will be seen by an ER physician and receive a medical screening examination.

All appropriate tests will be ordered, including COVID-19, if indicated. This service, which includes collection of specimens to be tested but that are sent out for external testing, will be offered as long as COLLECTION SUPPLIES are AVAILABLE.

The purpose of collecting specimens at a single location at Curry General Hospital is to limit potential exposure to our health care providers who are tasked with providing you compassionate and quality care, as well as to other patients, and to do so in a facility with a laboratory that has the capacity to rapidly test and rule out flu and other potential causes. Curry Medical Center in Brookings does not have the rapid flu test capability, and sending test samples by courier to Gold Beach would cause a delay which can be avoided by centralizing COVID-19 at this single location.

Patients with fever or respiratory symptoms should not seek care at any of our clinics at any other location.

Curry Health Network recommends that you keep informed of quickly changing information as provided by the OHA and CDC by accessing the links below. These agencies offer the most up to date information and recommendations on how to prevent the illness, what you should do when you are sick, symptoms, and answers to common questions. Please remember that older people and people with chronic diseases are at higher risk.