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Sponsorship Requests

Including Financial and In-Kind Support

Curry Health Network exists for healthy communities in which there is efficient, quality health care. In order for this mission to be accomplished, fiscal responsibility to allow sustained services must be a consideration. As such, we endeavor to support the efforts of community organizations that directly relate to the mission, values, vision, and community benefit objectives of the Network, and within clearly defined parameters.

As a nonprofit and taxpayer supported health system, Curry Health Network (CHN) gives careful consideration to requests for financial and in-kind support, including sponsorships, as they relate to our objectives for community health care and community health care education.

We will consider:
External requests for sponsorships of relevant projects and events
Internal requests for sponsorships of relevant projects and events
Requests for support of nonprofits or fundraising events
Requests for support of fundraising activities which directly benefit CHN

Funding Criteria
Those requests that fit within the mission, vision, values and community benefit objectives of CHN and those that measurably improve the community health and quality of life will be given the highest priority for consideration for potential support. Funds are limited, and CHN regrets that we cannot approve all requests. To be considered, a request for sponsorship or funding must meet all of the following criteria:
The event or project must directly benefit the geographic area served by CHN.
The event or project must relate to one or more of the following community health priorities:
- Health, fitness, safety, wellness and health promotion
- Access to health care services
- Disease prevention
- Recognized community health issues
The event or project must be consistent with CHN's mission, vision, and values.
The requesting organization must demonstrate collaboration and coordination with other community organizations or CHN and not duplicate the efforts of other groups.
The requesting organization must have current 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, tax exempt status under IRS code Section 170, or be a governmental agency or department, or a public educational institution.
The requesting organization must demonstrate effective program performance in addition to financial responsibility and accountability.
The request must meet the promotional needs of CHN. CHN must receive recognition of sponsorship through the approved use of our logo in advertising, public announcements, and other materials produced for the event or project.

Funding Limitations
CHN is a nonprofit community health system partially funded by support from taxpayers. As such, our funds are limited and will generally be made to organizations that have the greatest opportunity for positively affecting the health and wellness of the communities we serve. It is our policy not to approve funding for the following:
Political activities of any kind
Requests from or requests that benefit single individuals
Requests and/or events that do not improve the health of the greater communities that we serve
Individual scholarships
Requests for sponsorship of events that are of questionable taste or would potentially harm the reputation of CHN by association

As a community health system, CHN maintains a financial assistance policy and provides emergency medical services to all patients regardless of ability to pay.
CHN is unable to promote, fund or otherwise coordinate efforts on the part of individuals who may seek to defray the out-of-pocket cost of a patient's health care by conducting fundraising events or other such activities.
CHN is not able to provide patients or other individuals with funds for their private use, regardless of the intent or need for those funds. Nor is CHN able to pay a patient's private health care provider for services provided.
Patients with financial needs should contact one of CHN's financial counselors for assistance in accessing appropriate financial aid programs.

Procedures for Requests for Advertising Dollars or Contributions
All requests for support through advertising dollars shall be referred to CHN's Marketing Coordinator.
Use of CHN's logo must be approved by Marketing in advance and must comply with reasonable presentation guidelines.
Direct requests for contributions without crediting CHN will not be considered.
All requests for advertising dollars or contributions must be submitted in writing (requests emailed to are acceptable).
Requests must be accompanied by supporting materials and documentation.
Internal funding requests from CHN staff will be evaluated using the same process as external funding requests.
Appropriate proof of performance shall be provided to CHN for funding of any project or event.