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Voicing Your Concerns

Do you have concerns about your care or your safety while at Curry Health Network? Please talk with us about your concerns, tell us your complaints and suggest ways we can improve. We will not force you to do something, discriminate against you, interrupt the services we are providing or punish you in some way just because you complain. If you are concerned or upset about your visit, we would like you to talk with the manager of the service before you leave. He or she often can solve the problem or clear up a misunderstanding.

Curry Health Network is committed to the prompt resolution of complaints and grievances. If you still have a concern after talking with the manager or wish to file a grievance, please contact us by phone to (541)247-3183, mail (Curry Health Network, 94220 4th Street, Gold Beach, Oregon 97444), fax (541) 247-3159 or via email to

Curry Health Network strives to resolve grievances in a timely manner, ideally within 10 business days. If more time is needed to investigate your grievance you will be notified in writing of the request for more time for investigation and resolution which may require up to 45 business days following receipt of the grievance.

Upon resolution of your grievance you will be provided with a written notice of the decision and the steps taken on behalf of you to investigate the grievance and the results of the grievance process, and the date of completion.

If we still have not addressed your concern, the grievant may request review by CHN's Grievance Committee or has a right to file a formal complaint with the Secretary of the Department of Health & Human Services.The following resources are also available to assist you:

State of Oregon, Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement
800 N.E. Oregon Street, Suite 305, Portland, OR 97232
971 673-0540, Fax: 971 673-0556

State Quality Improvement Org., Acumentra Health
2020 SW Fourth Avenue, Suite 520, Portland, Oregon 97201
503 279-0100, Fax: 503 279-0190


You may receive a Patient Feedback Survey in the mail. Please complete and mail it in the enclosed self addressed stamped envelope so we can learn about your experience at Curry Health Network. We would like to hear about what may have been a concern or what you were particularly pleased with during your visit to Curry Health Network.