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Our History

While Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach, Oregon has been in existence since October 1951, the geographical taxing district of Curry Health District was established on September 20, 1983. Located in America's Wild Rivers Coast known for its mild weather, majestic scenery and myriad of recreational opportunities; the District is bounded in the north by Elk River (north of Port Orford), south by Pistol River (south of Gold Beach), and includes Agness (a 35 mile drive west along the Rogue River).

The District is a municipal corporation, a form of local government as an Oregon Special District (Health District), and derives a portion of its operating revenue from a tax base. It has been granted 501(c)(3) status by the Internal Revenue Service, and as such, has the exemptions and rights that such status affords.

Curry General Hospital is the sole hospital serving Curry County, and is located in the County seat of Gold Beach, Oregon.

Curry Health District's service area covers 10 zip codes with an estimated population of 22,000. The tax district does not currently include the northern-most or southern-most portions of Curry County.

The District owns and operates:

Curry General Hospital, Gold Beach
Curry Medical Practice, Gold Beach
Curry Family Medical, Port Orford
Curry Medical Center (including primary and specialty care, same day clinic, and 24/7/365 Emergency Department), Brookings

Governing Board:

The District Governing Board is comprised of five Board Members selected through the general election process for four-year terms.