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Triage Decisions for Critically Ill Patients in the Event of a Resource Constrained Period due to an Emergency

Triage is Currently NOT in Effect

In the event that Curry Health Network's resources are constrained during an Emergency and triage decisions are being made for care of critically ill patients, this page will be updated with an effective date for triage decisions. Curry Health Network was operating under Crisis of Care Standards from November 30, 2022 to 2:40 p.m. on December 5, 2022. CHN is not currently operating in this status

In the event triage decisions are being made, Curry Health Network must provide official notification as required by OAR 333-505-0036 as prescribed by Oregon Health Authority Public Health Division's Temporary Administrative Order filed July 29, 2022 and effective July 29, 2022 through January 24, 2023. Notification must include posting on our web site and signage in our facilities.

This notification means that Curry General Hospital (which includes the Emergency Department in Brookings known as Curry Medical Center-Emergency Care) is experiencing a resource constrained period and triage decisions for care of critically ill patients are being made.

Triage Decision-Making Tool

Curry Health Network's Medical Staff formally adopted the Oregon Health Authority's "Triage Decision-Making Tool" that we are using to make triage decisions. This tool is available by request, and can be downloaded here.

Patient Advocate

In the event of a resource constrained period during an Emergency where triage decisions are being made for care of critically ill patients, we are required to let you know how to contact the hospital's patient advocate. At Curry Health Network, that role is fulfilled by the Quality Department. You may reach them by calling 541.247.3183 or emailing