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Respiratory Services

Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach offers the following Respiratory services:

Respiratory therapy
Complete pulmonary function testing
24/48 hour Holter testing
Overnight Oximetry studies
EKG / ICG studies
Home O2 (oxygen) testing and qualifying
Patient education
30 day / King of Hearts Monitors
The King of Hearts can provide your physician with valuable information about the rhythm of your heart. It allows the physician to determine if your symptoms correlate with any changes or irregularities in your heart rhythm. The King of Hearts Express (KOH) is a patient activated monitor that is worn for 30 days. It is used to evaluate symptoms such as dizziness, palpitations, and chest pain. It captures EKG information before and after you experience a cardiac symptom.

This monitor is about the size of a pager and can be removed for personal hygiene, such as showering. Instruction on how to use the device takes about 30 minutes. No special preparation is required prior to testing.

In addition, we also offer Pulmonary Rehab services.

Call (541)247-3060 for more information.