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Doug Fleshman, Registered Pharmacist
Curry General Hospital

The Pharmacy, staffed by a Registered Pharmacist, provides services that contribute to optimal pharmaceutical patient care. When it comes to the preparation of medication, the pharmacy at Curry General Hospital follows strict quality assurance requirements. The Pharmacist makes every effort to see that patients receive the exact medications necessary to fulfill the care plan developed by the physicians, paying special attention to possible drug interactions.

The Pharmacy staff uses computers to assist with the safe delivery of medications. These systems allow for drug interaction checks, allergy checks, and availability of most medications directly to the nursing units.

The Pharmacist also provides patient medication in bar coded unit doses. This helps the nursing staff with bedside medication verification by ensuring that the right medication goes to the right patient.

The practice of pharmacy has undergone tremendous changes in the last few years. The trend has been to move from product dispensers to providers of pharmaceutical care. The pharmaceutical care provided by the dedicated staff of Curry Health Network enhances the professionalism of pharmacy practice as well as improving the patients' overall health care.