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Human Anatomy of a body bent over with hands over face. Picture says: IMPROVED LIVING WITH PAIN MANAGEMENT
Human Anatomy of a body bent over with hands over face. Picture says: IMPROVED LIVING WITH PAIN MANAGEMENT

Pain Management

Curry Health Network is pleased to offer Pain Management services provided by Christopher Amsden, M.D.

Dr. Amsden is board-certified in both Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation by the American Board of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation/Pain Management.


Dr. Amsden addresses the importance of lifestyle, conditioning, and weight management. Beyond those, medication trials, injections, acupuncture, or manipulations may be recommended, as well as psychological training, for stubborn pain problems. Physical Therapy may also assist with development of conservative treatment approaches for pain problems.

Dr. Amsden generally recommends first trying out less habit-forming types of pain medications. He utilizes adjuvant medications such as anti-inflammatories like ibuprofen, anti-convulsants like gabapentin, or anti-depressants like Effexor or Pamelor, over stronger and more habit-forming pain medications. He also uses lab testing and medication agreements for the safety of his patients, and to help increase the predictability of the treatment plan.

Interventional Pain Treatment Procedures

Dr. Amsden performs interventional pain treatment procedures including spinal epidural and facet blocks, and nerve and joint blocks in the limbs, hips, and shoulders.

Musculoskeletal Spine & Joint Pain Consultation and Management
Interventional Spine Treatment Cervical, Thoracic, Lumbar Facetal (Injections or RF)
Epidural and Disc Procedure
Sympathetic Blocks
Peripheral Nerve and Joint Injections
Pain Medication Consultation


Your primary care provider must refer you to see Dr. Amsden for your pain management needs. Your primary care provider can refer you by completing this convenient Specialty Referral form and faxing it to 541.412.2084.

New Pain Patient Questionnaire

You may download a copy of the new pain patient questionnaire.

Meet our Pain Specialist