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Nick Martinez Honored as Curry Health Network's Service Excellence Superstar of the Month

Curry Health Network is pleased to announce that Nick Martinez, Lobby Screener, has been selected as its June 2021 Service Excellence Superstar of the Month. Nick was nominated in recognition of his compassion and excellence by patient Jackie Carpenter, who graciously permitted CHN to share her name and her comments:

     "I had a dizzy spell coming in the front door and stopped and grabbed onto a wheelchair for support. The screener must have been watching me - he got up and came out and got me in the wheelchair and pushed me in. Thank you, son!"

Nick has been with Curry Health Network since November 2020, serving as a Lobby Screener greeting patients and staff with a smile while ensuring that those who enter are safe to do so within the current pandemic regulations of the Oregon Health Authority.

The position of the Lobby Screener often experiences lulls in activity, and Nick showed real initiative by asking to work on various projects for the Registration Department during the downtime. He made quite an impression, and in fact has recently been offered and accepted a position as a Patient Access Specialist. Nick is excited to be training for his new job while, at the same time, he continues to cover the Lobby Screener position.

We're very proud of Nick and grateful that he actively seeks opportunities to make a difference in the lives of our patients such as Ms. Carpenter. An act of kindness, no matter how small or large, can make a tremendous impact on someone else's life - and Nick's example of service excellence shows that he is genuinely "all about caring".

Photo: (left to right) Nick Martinez, Service Excellence Superstar of the Month for June 2021, Lobby Screener and future Patient Access Specialist; Ginny Williams, Chief Executive Officer of Curry Health Network