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Learn Why We're Our Teams' Employer of Choice

Meet Amanda Higgins“photo

Emergency Department Patient Care Technician
21 years @ CHN
Future RN

Amanda started working at CHN before she was out of high school! "I was a senior, looking to complete hours for work experience and CHN needed a temporary medical records clerk - It just worked out! After I graduated, I was hired full-time in medical records and my career grew from there."

Before long, Amanda moved from medical records to registration, where she was soon promoted to lead and then supervisor; she changed directions completely in 2018 when she became a medical assistant and then a patient care technician.

"Today I am a patient care tech in the emergency department. I earned my CCMA certification and now I am in school to become an RN. CHN has covered the costs of my certifications and classes - and now they're paying for my RN education with the agreement that I work here after I graduate.

"I have referred many employees to work here: benefits, room to grow, opportunities for promotion and education that is supported by CHN. Plus, becoming part of a giant family!" Amanda is no stranger to giant families - she keeps a very busy schedule with family life (including raising six sons), school and work.


Meet Melissa Kammeier

Lab Assistant
5 years @ CHN
Future MLT

For Melissa, phenomenal co-workers are the best part of her job at CHN: "We really have some amazing people working here who put in their all for the patients; we're always trying to work together for the patients."

The opportunity for career growth is another major plus; when Melissa started as a lab assistant in 2017, drawing blood in the outpatient lab was her primary responsibility, but she's since grown her position to include processing specimens, running waived tests and ordering supplies - and pursuing certification as a Medical Lab Technician (MLT) through further education.

"CHN is helping me navigate where I want to be by supporting my career growth and paying for my Medical Lab Technician education; they also helped me get my National Phlebotomy Certification and I am currently working to obtain my certification as a Phlebotomy Instructor, so I can teach a phlebotomy program," she explained.

Work/life balance is important to Melissa, and she and her husband and two sons love to enjoy the outdoors together as much as they can: "CHN allows me to have a flexible schedule to balance work, education and family. They definitely give you opportunities to grow in your field."


Meet Matthew Silvius“photo

Limited X-Ray Tech and Lab Assistant
4 years @ CHN
Future CT Technologist

Matt studied history before discovering that radiology was his true passion. He began working at Curry Family Medical after completing his Limited Radiology program; once he started at CHN, he was cross trained as a Lab Assistant and has had the opportunity to perform both lab and radiology duties.

"I was hired as a Limited X-Ray Tech (LXMO) and a Lab Assistant to provide x-ray and lab services at Curry Family Medical in Port Orford. CHN is investing in my education and training to become a CT Tech through tuition assistance programs, as well as working with my school schedule to allow me to work while completing my clinical education requirements in my Radiologic Technology program," said Matt.

Along with professional advancement, Matt said that he truly enjoys his coworkers: "For me, the best part about working at CHN is who I get to work with. My coworkers in both Radiology and Lab are amazing and are like family to me.

"I would absolutely recommend working at CHN to friends and family - we have some of the best employees and managers! They're always willing to help in any way they can."