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Curry Health Network fully supports local physicians who choose to follow their own patients admitted to the hospital, yet our Hospitalists at Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach provide 24/7 care, stay on site, and are available for patients and family members even after discharge.

What is a Hospitalist? If you are unfamiliar with the term, simply put, a Hospitalist is a doctor who is specialized in the care of patients in the hospital (inpatients).

Our Hospitalists at Curry General Hospital will communicate with the patient's primary care physician, but handles their care during time spent in the hospital. Because a Hospitalist works in the hospital, they are available to meet with family members, answer questions, follow-up on test results and order new ones if needed, and respond quickly to any arising issues.

Hospitalists also coordinate the care of patients between different physicians, and serve as a point of contact for doctors, nurses, and family members.

We are dedicated to the improvement of safety and quality patient care. Although patients are discharged to their primary care physicians, patients and families can call our Hospitalists anytime with questions or concerns.

Our Hospitalists:

provide immediate response as on-site physicians who are able to respond in seconds to patient needs;
are always and immediately available by cell phone to patients, family members, staff and physicians;
are dedicated to the improvement of safety and quality patient care; and
are committed to serve with compassion and responsiveness to ensure a positive patient experience.