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Carolann Wentz Spotlighted as Service Excellence Superstar of the Month

Curry Health Network is pleased to announce that Patient Care Technician (PCT) Carolann Wentz was selected as its Service Excellence Superstar of the Month for August.

Carolann began working as a PCT in Acute Care at Curry General Hospital in 2019 and has since transitioned to also support the emergency departments at the hospital and Curry Medical Center-Emergency Care in Brookings.

Prior to joining CHN, Carolann gained healthcare experience in the home setting with Guardians by the Sea and also when working at Seaview Senior Living and Ocean Park Memory Care. The skills and experience she gained in these roles as well as her years as a PCT may have contributed to being nominated for the Service Excellence Superstar by patient David Reaux.

Reaux graciously allowed CHN to share his name and comments about his visit to the emergency department in late July when Carolann played a significant role in his positive patient experience by her friendly and caring demeanor, her continual attentiveness, remarkable empathy, gentleness, and quick action.

Reaux and his wife were both warmly greeted by Carolann, settled in the exam room, and asked what they might need to make him more comfortable. Each of the multiple times Reaux left the room and returned, Carolann came in to check on him. "She was spectacular," he raved.

Reaux explained he was in a great deal of pain from a difficult IV placement, which continued to bother him during the stay. "At the end of my visit, Carolann recognized my pain, confirmed that I was being released, and - to my great relief - immediately came in to gently remove the tape and tenderly withdraw the IV that had been causing me so much discomfort."

The patient could not speak highly enough of Carolann, saying she deserves to be recognized for her great work. "She was awesome the entire night with me and all the patients there, but beyond awesome when I really needed her help."

Curry Health Network's CEO Ginny Williams agreed with Reaux. "We have so many great, dedicated staff who go above and beyond each and every day to care for our patients. Caring is, in and of itself, a great reward but it is so special when a patient takes the time to recognize that one of our staff has had a positive impact on them - by helping ease their discomfort, offering them a warm blanket or pillow, asking them about their family, or telling a joke," explained Williams. "Often, it is simply human kindness combined with great care and empathy that makes the most difference to our patients. Carolann is a shining example of Superstar effort."

Photo: (left) Carolann Wentz, PCT & August 2021 Service Excellence Superstar of the Month; (right) CEO Ginny Williams