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CHN Upgrades Diagnostic Imaging Equipment

Superior technology and advanced diagnostics where it's close and convenient

“photoDedicated to providing advanced services for the communities they serve, Curry Health Network (CHN) added new, leading-edge technology to its radiology and imaging department. The equipment upgrades provide faster results, more comfortable patient experiences and sharper, more precise images to detect and diagnose illnesses, injuries and other conditions. Enhancements include equipment with the newest, most advanced technology in the region: a 64-slice CT scanner, echocardiogram (cardiac echo) and a high-definition dual head gamma camera to aid in nuclear medicine diagnostics.

Imaging technology is critical to detect and diagnose conditions, so patients get fast, accurate diagnoses and receive important medical care sooner. Often for people in rural communities, accessing advanced imaging means traveling to larger healthcare systems--something that can be inconvenient and stressful, especially when people are sick. CHN offers the same, or better, imaging services as larger healthcare systems so local patients can receive state-of-the-art imaging--and get the answers they need--where it's closer for them and their families.

"We installed a new Siemens CT scanner," shared Cori Silvius, CHN Director of Diagnostic Imaging. "The new CT is a 64-slice scanner compared to the 16-slice scanner we replaced. It provides much more detailed images in a shorter period of time and gives us clear, truly superior images to detect conditions ranging from bone and joint issues to cancer and heart disease," she continued. "The new scanner even has technology to image patients with metal parts--like joint replacements--without blurring in surrounding tissue caused by the metal. With our previous scanner, we were unable to remove this artifact."

CHN enhanced its nuclear medicine capabilities and upgraded to a new Siemens Symbia Evo Excel dual head gamma camera which produces crisper, more accurate images. The tool helps detect and diagnose tumors, infections, hematomas, cysts and tests organ function and blood circulation.

The healthcare system also added a new echocardiogram (cardiac echo). Handheld wands use ultrasound technology to capture pictures of the heart's valves and chambers and evaluate the pumping action of the heart. Providers use the detailed images to identify heart disease, check heart function and detect other heart-related problems.

Imaging is available at Curry Medical Center in Brookings, with most services also at Curry General Hospital in Gold Beach and X-ray services at Curry Family Medical in Port Orford. "It's so important to us to offer advanced services so patients don't have to travel for the important care they need; we are so fortunate to continually improve technologies and offer truly specialized capabilities," shared CHN Chief Executive Officer Ginny Williams, who also credits the healthcare system's staff for providing high-quality imaging services. "Our expert technologists and equipment are second to none."

All CHN medical imaging professionals are licensed by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists or the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers. Radiologists and the mammogram departments are accredited by the American College of Radiology--the gold standard of safe, quality care. The trained, licensed professionals work closely with providers to give complete, clear pictures of each patient's health; this allows them the best options for care.

High-quality, local imaging can lead to faster diagnoses, better treatment options and even save lives through earlier detection. If you or someone you know has health issues that require advanced imaging services, help is closer than you think. "Even providers who are not affiliated with Curry Health Network can schedule imaging at our facilities," Silvius added. "Staying local can really help make a stressful situation easier, especially when people don't feel well. That's why it's so important that our community is aware of all the services we offer and know that the quality of our equipment and technologists rivals those in larger communities."

In addition to CT, cardiac echo and nuclear medicine imaging, CHN offers MRI, mammography, stress testing, bone density scanning (DEXA), ultrasound and X-ray services. "I encourage everyone to talk to their provider about having their diagnostic imaging services done here, close to home," Silvius reminded.

Photo: Cori Silvius, Director of Diagnostic Imaging, with the new Siemens 64-slice CT scanner