Curry Health Network understands current information regarding Covid-19 is important - it is important to the health of our community members, and it is important to us as the professionals entrusted with your care. We are therefore committed to providing you with information in a timely manner and keeping our website current as things evolve.

As of May 10, Curry Health Network has administered a total of 10,820 doses of Moderna vaccine for Covid-19.


Please call 541.412.2000 to schedule an appointment to receive a vaccine.

Cost and Insurance
There is no cost to the patient for the vaccine or the administration of the vaccine, but please bring your insurance information with you to your appointment. CHN can bill a nominal administration fee to insurance companies.

Curry Health Network Covid-19 Vaccination Plan Presentation
Link to recording of CHN's Covid-19 Vaccine Plan presentation (Board Meeting of Jan. 14, 2021)

Link to the PowerPoint presentation in pdf file format, for ease of reviewing data and because it appears the recording did not capture the first couple minutes of the presentation.

While Governor Brown announced on January 12 that Covid-19 vaccinations would expand to include everyone age 65 and older by January 23, Curry Health Network learned today from Oregon Health Authority (OHA) that due to supply constraints of the vaccine doses, OHA is recommending that we begin sequencing with K-12 EDUCATORS and those persons AGED 80 AND ABOVE.

OHA estimates it will take 3 months to move through those age 65 and older in Oregon due to supply chain constraints.

Curry Health Network will set up vaccine clinics in Gold Beach, Brookings, and Port Orford with an estimated launch date of January 23. Patients will be scheduled for appointments.

We are in the process of setting up a dedicated e-mail address and phone number for K-12 educators and those age 80 and older to use to request a vaccine, and are targeting January 18 as the date when we will begin accepting requests from this group.

IMPORTANT! Until the dedicated email and phone number is finalized, PLEASE refrain from calling the hospital, clinics, or emailing our staff and providers to request appointments. We are doing everything possible in order to quickly facilitate this process and serve the needs of our community members.

When we have the dedicated scheduling contact information available, we will publicize them on this web page, on our FaceBook page, and other media platforms such as radio or in print.

If you fall in the K-12 educators or are age 80 or older, please check our web site on January 18 for the contact information. Those in this group that wish to have a vaccine will be STRONGLY urged to use email versus telephone to request a vaccination.

We will keep you updated as soon as we have more information, and our web site will have the most current, accurate, and up to date information on the Covid-19 vaccine plan for Curry County.

Oregon Announces Expansion of Vaccine Eligibility
(January 12, 2021) - Governor Brown, late this afternoon, announced that Covid-19 vaccine eligibility in Oregon will be expanding to include everyone age 65 and older. Per the governor, vaccinations of seniors, child care providers, PK-12 educators and staff could potentially begin as early as January 23.

Vaccine distribution, in addition to phased eligibility, will also be dependent upon the number of doses the federal government allocates to the State, how the State allocates those available doses, and if the State plans to expand the distribution venues to include other entities such as medical practices and pharmacies.

When we have more news to share, this page will be updated. In the meantime, please refrain from calling the hospital or clinics with the understanding that Curry Health Network - and all vaccine providers throughout the state - will be working as fast as possible to shift our vaccine distribution plans to meet this sudden change in national guidance - change that is also dependent on a variety of factors including available resources.

Visit this web page frequently for the most current, accurate, and up to date information about vaccine distribution in Curry County.

Current Phase of Vaccine Distribution: Phase 1a
The most recent phased distribution plan for the Covid-19 vaccine provided by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is dated January 12, 2021. Curry Health Network must follow the OHA distribution plan. The plan identifies the following phased distribution groups, but is still undergoing refinement by OHA and continues to evolve.

As of today, Curry County is currently in Phase 1a, and only those who fall within that phase are eligible to receive a vaccine. OHA has determined Phase 1b MAY start by January 23. As we learn more, we will provide information to you on this web page about how you can request a vaccine. The ability to distribute the vaccine is dependent upon the OHA-authorized Phase, available resources, and the number of vaccines that have been allocated to, and received by, Curry Health Network.

Phase 1a: Health care workers, emergency medical services and first responders, long-term care facility (LTCF) employees and residents. Please note that LTCF employees and residents should be receiving their vaccines from state-identified partner pharmacies.
Phase 1b: (updated January 12 and effective January 23) Child-care, preschool and K-12 school and school district staff will be in the first group of this phase. Please note: Subsequent groups in 1b are still being refined by Oregon Health Authority, but could potentially include critical workers in high-risk settings, workers who are in industries essential to the functioning of society and substantially higher risk of exposure, people of all ages with underlying conditions that put them at moderately higher risk, people in prisons, jails, detention centers, and similar facilities, and staff who work in such settings, all older adults not included in Group 1A, and the general population.
Phase 1c: (updated January 12, 2021) As yet undefined by OHA.

Covid-19 Vaccine Distribution at Curry Health Network

GOLD BEACH, OR - (January 8, 2021) Curry Health Network's CEO Ginny Williams has released a video update to the community regarding what is known, today, about distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in Curry County.

As has been true since the pandemic began, situations related to Covid-19 can change rapidly as directed by Oregon Health Authority, and information can also be slow to arrive. Curry Health Network (CHN) is committed to keeping our community informed of any new information, developments, and news which would be important for you to know.

Here are bullet points from CEO Williams' video update from today:
CHN has received 800 Moderna vaccine doses from the state and are expecting another 100 doses next week.
To date, CHN has vaccinated approximately 370 people who qualified under Oregon Health Authority's (OHA) phase 1a.
We have identified approximately 460 individuals in our county who qualify for vaccine in group 1a of OHA's phased distribution plan and who expressed an interest in receiving the vaccine.
CHN has reached out to OHA for direction on what to do with any doses remaining after vaccinating all those who qualify in phase 1a and who have an interest in receiving the Moderna vaccine. For example, we don't know if OHA will ask us to allocate the doses to Long Term Care Facilities in our county who have yet to receive their doses from partner pharmacies, or if we will be able to expand distribution to those in phase 1b, or some subset of 1b, which has yet to be defined by OHA.
Vaccines come in vials of 10 doses that must be mixed by a pharmacist just prior to administration. To avoid wasting any doses, CHN has been scheduling those that qualify for phase 1a in groups of 10 and has not wasted one dose to date!
CHN has been running one team of three staff members that has allowed for up to 40 people per day to receive the vaccine. Once CHN begins administering the second doses (28 days after the first dose), it will add a second team of staff that will provide for vaccination of a minimum of 100 people per day. We have recently learned from OHA that CHN can reallocate doses it receives to partner organizations who are approved by the state to administer vaccines which will, in turn, increase vaccine access to the public as we move into future phases.
Currently, CHN is only offering the vaccine at Curry General Hospital. This is due primarily to staffing constraints of pharmacy oversight, storage constraints at Curry Medical Center (Brookings), and the onerous daily reporting requirements of the State.
OHA has indicated they are "beginning dialogue" with area pharmacies to see if these pharmacies can help with public distribution, and are further looking at primary care provider offices and patient panel sizes to get them doses to administer to their panels.
It was confirmed today that the State has distributed all of the vaccine it has, so far, received from the Federal Government, and confirmed that second doses will be shipped to Curry General Hospital four weeks after receiving the initial dose. However, the State does not have a distribution schedule from the Federal government, and can not give us a future schedule. This makes planning for distribution to broader groups very difficult.
So, how will you know when it's your turn? Curry Health Network will post updates on our website and our FaceBook page when we move to a new phase, based on OHA's plan, and make sure you know the process and how you can get a vaccine. We will also keep local providers aware of changes in phases and who is eligible at that time.

First Covid-19 Vaccines for Phase 1a (healthcare workers and first responders) arrive in Curry County!
What can the general public expect?

GOLD BEACH, OR - (December 23, 2020)
Curry Health Network received a delivery of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccines in the late afternoon of December 21. These vaccines are earmarked for Phase 1a recipients (healthcare workers and first responders) as recommended by the Oregon Health Authority.
We are beginning to distribute the vaccine to hospital-based healthcare workers and first responders this week.
Vaccinations in Phase 1a began December 22. Pain management specialist Dr. Christopher Amsden of Curry Health Network was the first in a group of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists to receive the vaccine at Curry General Hospital.
We expect to have all Phase 1a vaccines in Curry County distributed by January 8 (except Long-Term Care Facilities, which should be receiving their vaccines through the federal Pharmacy Partnership for Long Term Care program).
We are monitoring communication from the Oregon Health Authority to let us know when we are able to move to Phase 1b vaccination group (essential workers), and then Phase 1c (high-risk citizens).
When we are able to move to Phases 1b and 1c, we will order more vaccination doses and begin offering them to a wider population.
Please watch for future communications from Curry Health Network about when, how, and where you can get a vaccine.
Curry Health Network is currently focused on distributing vaccines in Phase 1a, and will release more information about other Phases as we move through the process.
For any AGENCIES in the community that believe they fall into the PHASE 1a category that have not yet signed up to receive Covid-19 vaccines, please email so we can allocate doses and schedule your staff.
There is nothing the general public need do at this time (there is no "waiting list"). Curry Health Network will do our best to make sure you are kept informed as we move through the different Phases of the Covid-19 vaccine program.