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Please call 541.412.2000 to schedule an appointment to receive a vaccine at Curry Health Network.

Pause in Boosting with Original Monovalent Vaccine

CHN is giving the Bivalent Booster Vaccine as Allocations are Received from the State

Effective August 31, 2022:
An important note is that the Emergency Use Authorization from FDA takes immediate effect in one way: the original booster vaccines for ages 12 and older are no longer authorized, effective immediately. Going forward, all boosters for ages 12+ must be the new bivalent booster. This means that any booster appointments now scheduled should be postponed until the bivalent booster can be given.
Effective October 18, 2022:
The federal government is distributing the bivalent vaccine to the states, and Oregon makes allocations to CHN and other providers in amounts they determine. Those wishing to have a bivalent vaccine should call 541.412.2000 to get on the list. We are scheduling patients to receive the bivalent vaccine as the allocations are received.

Second Booster Dose - ON HOLD
All of the following booster doses can be received at least four months after receiving a previous booster dose of either Moderna, Pfizer, or Johnson & Johnson.
People age 50 and older may receive either a Moderna or Pfizer (Pfizer not available at CHN) booster dose.
Immunocompromised people ages 12-17 may receive a Pfizer booster dose (not available at CHN).
Immunocompromised people age 18 and older may receive either a Moderna or Pfizer (Pfizer not available at CHN) booster dose.
Adults age 18 and older who received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for their primary and booster doses may receive either a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine as an additional booster. Pfizer vaccine is not available at Curry Health Network.

Please note: There are venues in addition to Curry Health Network that provide Covid-19 vaccines in Curry County, including St. Timothy's in Brookings and others. To learn what days/hours vaccines are available at these and other venues, visit the Oregon Get Vaccinated Locator web page

Corner Drug in Gold Beach offers the Moderna vaccine. Call 541.247.4544.

St. Timothy's Church at 401 Fir Street in Brookings offers all 3 vaccines on a walk-in basis. Call 541.251.0608 or 541.469.3314 for available days and times.

Other locations such as pharmacies in Brookings are available. Please use the the Oregon Get Vaccinated Locator web page for more information.

Coast Community Health in Port Orford also provides vaccines and appointments can be scheduled online, or by calling 541.332.1114 extension 1.


November 20, 2021 - All persons are eligible to receive the MODERNA Booster Vaccine if you are age 18 or older, and
you received your last dose of Moderna or Pfizer 5 or more months prior, OR
you received your Johnson & Johnson vaccine 2 or more months prior.

If you meet the requirements above, please call 541.412.2000 to be scheduled to receive the booster dose of MODERNA vaccine.


August 17, 2021 - The FDA and CDC have recently recommended that individuals who have moderately to severely compromised immune systems receive a third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine.

Those who fit into this category must meet the following requirements:
Be 18 years or older
Have already received the first 2 doses of the MODERNA Covid-19 vaccine a minimum of 28-days prior

The Oregon Health Authority has defined "immunocompromised individuals" to be those who:
Have received a solid organ transplant and are currently taking immunosuppressive medications.
Have received a stem cell transplant within the last 2 years and/or are taking medications that may suppress the immune system.
Are currently receiving active cancer treatments for tumors or blood cancers.
Are actively receiving treatment with high dose corticosteroids or any other medication that may suppress the immune system.
Have advanced or untreated HIV.
Have been diagnosed with a moderate to severe primary immunodeficiency.

If you meet the requirements and fall under the definition of an immunocompromised individual, please call 541.412.2000 to be scheduled to receive the third dose of MODERNA vaccine.

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