Podiatry Services

If you suffer from an injury or disease that affects any part of your foot, it can cause pain and reduce your ability to walk, run, walk, or even move easily and comfortably. Whether you want to get back in the game or simply get back on your feet - without the pain - Curry Health Network is your first step to finding relief.

When is it time to take the next step?
If you're experiencing any of these
(or related) symptoms, it may be time to
see a podiatrist to help alleviate the pain
and prevent more serious problems from occurring:

Pain when walking or doing normal activities
Discoloration of toenails or the skin of your feet
Fluid leaking from one or both feet
Swelling and redness
Thickening of toenails
Reoccurring case of athlete's foot
Diabetic foot complications (e.g. hard skin,
tenderness, bad foot smell)

Dr. Steven Brantingham, DPM, is an experienced podiatrist with advanced training to diagnose and treat problems affecting the feet. From arthritis and arch disorders to injuries and other issues, Dr. Brantingham is your "sole mate" for diagnosis, treatment and compassionate podiatry care close to home.

Clinical and Surgical Treatments Offered

Dr. Brantingham treats a wide range of foot-related conditions, including:
Athlete's Foot
Athletic Injuries
Arch Disorders
Calluses and Corns
Diabetic Ulcers & Neuropathy
Flat feet
Fungus nails
Heel Pain - Spurs & Fascitis
Ingrown Toenails
Orthotics - Custom
Skin conditions
Sports medicine problems
Trauma - Foot & Ankle
Ulcers - Chronic Wounds
Walking Problems

Care is Just a Call Away

Dr. Brantingham sees patients at Curry Medical Center in Brookings and Curry Medical Practice in Gold Beach. If you have questions, don't hesitate to call 541.412.2000.